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For marketers managing busy athletes, FAND streamlines interactions to increase athlete accountability and execute campaigns effortlessly.

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Amplify Opportunities

By streamlining athlete coordination, FAND allows you to maximize your marketing team's bandwidth, creating more opportunities for collaboration and revenue growth.


Simplify athlete coordination with FAND. Automate time-consuming tasks for efficient campaign management, ensuring seamless communication and coordination.

Enhance Athlete Relationships

Revolutionize athlete interactions using FAND's platform, featuring seamless text messaging for easier communication and stronger athlete relationships.

Travel Logistics

Effortlessly coordinate athlete travel with FAND. Our solutions handle flights, hotel bookings, and rideshares, streamlining logistics for a stress-free experience. (Coming Soon)

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2 Import Athletes

Effortlessly bring them in, whether CSV, CRM, or manual.

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Start texting your athletes right from your web browser.

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“FAND understands our lifestyle.” — Jala Wright, Duke Softball

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Our Features


24/7 Automated Athlete Support

Provide round-the-clock support with automated services, including payments, logistics, and affiliate marketing.

athlete manager relationship

Athlete Manager Relationship

Your automated teammate for streamlined athlete interactions.

brief builder

Brief Builder

Craft campaign briefs in seconds for efficient planning.

direct chat

Direct Chat

Engage with athletes through manual, real-time conversations via text messages, right from your browser.

real-time sync

Real-time CRM Sync (Hubspot)

Effortlessly access athlete information stored in your CRM.



Payments, Logistics, Affiliate Marketing


Build Meaningful Relationships

Foster deeper connections with athletes, leading to more authentic and impactful marketing campaigns.

Cost-Effective Strategy

Maximize your marketing budget with our cost-effective approach, avoiding the high expenses of traditional campaigns.

Elevate Your Marketing

Leverage our platform to take your athlete marketing strategies to new heights, matching the dynamism of the athletes you partner with.

Maximize ROI with Precision

Navigate the marketing landscape with confidence using FAND's bespoke reports. Gain insights into what resonates, allowing you to replicate success and maximize your return on investment.

Seamless Athlete Interactions

Streamline your communication, making athlete management more efficient and less time-consuming.


Choose a FAND plan that fits your brand. Run multiple campaigns effectively at no extra cost and with no spend minimums, optimizing both value and flexibility in your marketing efforts.

Campaigns 10
Automated Relationship Manager (ARM)
Campaigns 20
Automated Relationship Manager (ARM)
Real-Time CRM Sync (HubSpot)
Direct Chat
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Campaigns Unlimited
Automated Relationship Manager (ARM)
Real-Time CRM Sync (HubSpot)
Direct Chat
Brief Builder
Automated Customer Service
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