Elevate Your NIL Campaigns

With the emergence of Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) rules in college sports, brands and athletes need a simple, effective way to connect and manage their campaigns. FAND is here to help. Our platform streamlines communication and provides real-time analytics to measure campaign success. Say goodbye to the headache of managing NIL campaigns and hello to elevated results with FAND. Sign up today to see the difference.



What is FAND?

FAND is an end-to-end NIL campaign management platform that simplifies communication between college athletes and brands.

Who can use FAND?

FAND can be used by brands, agencies, collectives, and marketplaces.

How does FAND work?

FAND works by allowing brands to create a campaign brief and invite college athletes over a text message. Brands can then use the web application to communicate with athletes over SMS to execute the campaign.

What is the target market for FAND?

FAND's target market is the NIL industry, specifically brands and agencies looking to streamline their campaign management process.

What sets FAND apart from other NIL platforms?

FAND tracks the campaign ROI after the college athlete and brand is connected, which sets us apart from other NIL platforms.

How can I contact FAND?

You can contact FAND at [email protected].